Using Scrap Metals to Make Ends Meet

Times are tough for so many people. I am not able to hold a regular job because of a disability, but I don’t get enough from my disability check to make it each month either. I am one of those people who is caught between a rock and a hard place, but I am able to make it each month because of things that I do to generate extra income. One way I do this is by checking scrap metal prices per pound on a website I have bookmarked at least once a week.

The reason I do this is because I have three scrap yards within 30 minutes of me, and there are a couple of more within 75 minutes of me. Because there are so many, they are a bit more competitively priced than what most people may experience in their own areas. Continue reading Using Scrap Metals to Make Ends Meet

An Encyclopedia for the Programmer in Need

neuro linguistic programming nlp is a process by which language is ...With the constant advancements of systems technology and the globalization of common PC programming languages, reference websites specific to tech related issues are beginning to spring up at a rapid pace. For those that have spent time creating a masterpiece of syntax manipulation upon the pages of a powerful Vi text editor or fancy Windows IDE; attempting to remember everything quickly becomes a forgotten concept. Some programmers write their functions, methods, classes and variables on paper while they “!#Bang” and “Bash” their head against the monitor; attempting to remember the median of that last array (“Or was it the one before?”). A constantly updated domain is rare and usually eludes the more in-depth usage of complex C++ techniques used in advanced development systems. Continue reading An Encyclopedia for the Programmer in Need

Learn to Program Computers in Your Native Language

If you speak French natively, you probably know how difficult it is to learn something new when it is written in a language that is not your own. In the past, all the good material about how to program computers was written in English and was very difficult for those who did not speak English to access. Now, fortunately, there is an encyclopedia written in French about programming languages and other computer related topics that you can use to learn with.

This encyclopedia covers everything that you would expect out of one that is written in English. All of the most popular programming languages are covered, from C to Python and everything in between. Programming techniques are also covered, such as object oriented programming, recursion, procedural programming, and more. On top of all of this, the encyclopedia also provides a refresher course on other computer topics that you may have forgotten about, such as networking and printing. Continue reading Learn to Program Computers in Your Native Language