They Designed a Gorgeous Patio for Me

I liked everything about my new house when I bought it with the exception of one thing. I have a gorgeous backyard, but there was just a very small porch with a couple of steps leading into the yard. There was not even enough room to put a chair on it, and that was disappointing. Everything else was great though, which is why I bought it, because I knew that I would be able to hire a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to create something a lot more beautiful and useful for me.

I plan on entertaining a lot because this was the first time in years I would be able to do it. I used to live in a tiny apartment, so having a back yard like this meant that I could actually have more than a handful of people over at any given time. I did some research on different concrete contractors, and then I got some quotes from several of them. Continue reading They Designed a Gorgeous Patio for Me

Communicating Through End User Web Design

Websites were once a simple, static window into how a business or an individual blogs was experienced. Back in the day they were relatively easy to read. Of course, even back in the early days of the Internet, there were ‘developers’ or ‘designers’ that would cram in spinning images, animated GIFs or even ridiculous music that would annoy the end user. These days that’s not exactly the case. There’s an entire science and philosophy regarding how we experience a website. That’s why developers like massive infinity are so incredibly important in today’s digital world. The integration of the digital world and the real world are quickly becoming a seamless experience.

The vast multitude of variations between mobile devices alone is a huge undertaking. While presenting a face of the website online is ‘simple’ enough, providing the correct variations for each of those devices is highly important. Often enough this can be easily overlooked by some developers. Continue reading Communicating Through End User Web Design

This is Where I Am Going to Live

Location is everything to me. I work in District 15, so it just makes sense that I would want to live close to here. That really did not matter to me before because I was moving around so much in the beginning with my work, but I am finally established with the company that I want to retire from. It did not matter to me before if I had to travel 30 or 40 minutes one way for work, but those days are now over. When I first heard of the Seaside Residences condo development, I wanted to know its exact location first. Continue reading This is Where I Am Going to Live

Getting Back Pain Relief After Several Months of Suffering

I went to my doctor a few months ago complaining about pain in my lower back. He ran tests for everything from kidney stones to checking my bladder and prostate. This was all done one after another when the original diagnosis of simple lower back pain was not resolving after several weeks. Nothing showed up as being wrong. I even had an MRI of my lower back. It all looked good. After not getting any results to explain my pain, I went to a Campbell chiropractor to show him all the tests and results. Well, after one adjustment in his office my back started to feel better.

I was hurting all of the time. It was affecting everything from work to sleep. Recreation had flown out the window months ago due to the pain. I could not even sit on my riding mower to mow the lawn. The Campbell chiropractor had me back doing the things I normally do in no time at all. You might be wondering about the MRI. Continue reading Getting Back Pain Relief After Several Months of Suffering

My Squeaky Furnace Was Getting on My Nerves

I live in California, and some of my friends who live on the other coast think that our weather is always perfect. I only wish it was! It can get pretty cold here at night in Sacramento, so I was a bit worried when my heater started making all kinds of noises the other night. Temps during the day were in the 50s, but it was in the lower 30s at night. I needed my heat, but those sounds made it seem like I might have a problem. I did a quick search for Sacramento HVAC services to get some information on what I could do.

I didn’t even think I could fix it myself. Reading a furnace manual would be like understanding Chinese. Continue reading My Squeaky Furnace Was Getting on My Nerves

We Needed to Watch Our Daughter for Her Protection

My wife and I often wonder where all the years went when it comes to our “little girl.” We both feel like she was just born a few years ago, but she wasn’t. She’s now 16 years old, and the time has flown by so quickly that we can’t even explain it. Now, she wants to talk with her friends more than she talks with us. She’s boy crazy, and we have been struggling with that. She chats a lot, but doesn’t let us see what she talks about. My wife learned about something called Snapchat Hack that allows parents to check to see exactly what their kids are talking about on that popular chat program. We discussed it and felt that we should download it so that we can make sure that our daughter is safe.

It used to be that our daughter thought the world of us and talked to us about everything in her day. We knew the day would come when she would change, be more independent and much more secretive, but we didn’t know that she would do her best to shut us out of most of her life. It hurt her mother and me at first, and it still stings. But now we realize that we can’t allow her to go her own way while we turn a blind eye. We have seen far too many parents do that and next thing they know, their child ends up in a lot of trouble.

Downloading the program was simple enough. It took only seconds to download. We had it up and running pretty quickly. Once we set it up, we were able to look at all of our daughter’s chat messages without needing to physically access her phone. We were both relieved to see that our daughter mostly chats about things with her friends that most kids her age talk about.

Online Listing for Local Scrap Prices

I want to try to find some scrap prices online, and I want to know what the local price of scrap metal is for a bunch of the scrap yards and other places that buy metal, maybe within a 10 or 15 mile radius. I probably wouldn’t want to go much further than that, and besides I seriously doubt that anywhere further away would have such a drastically higher price for what they were buying their scrap metal for, such that a different price that it would make up the difference in the extra gas money it would cost to drive that far.

Perhaps, I mean it is a possibility, but probably not. Continue reading Online Listing for Local Scrap Prices

A New Computer Build from Scratch

Usually I buy my computers pre-built, but recently I decided to build my own for gaming purposes. My friends always told me that it’s so much better to build your own, because you can customize it with the parts you want, and it costs less than buying one from a manufacturer. They said it was so easy, but it really wasn’t to me. I went to a lot of shopping comparison websites to find the lowest prices, and I looked at different parts from different manufactures for hours. Many of the manufactures made similar products, so I wasn’t sure which ones were better.

I didn’t want to buy parts made by manufacturer who had a terrible reputation, but I also didn’t want to buy the most expensive parts just to have them. My friends usually just went with one particular name brand manufacturer for their parts, but they usually chose the most expensive parts for their builds. I was doing a budget build, and didn’t want to spend any more than $500 for the computer, not including the price of the monitor and the operating system. Continue reading A New Computer Build from Scratch

Drinking and Driving Was Wrong

There are not that many times in my adult life where I have been embarrassed. One of those rare times was about three years ago when I needed to find a good Gwinnett County DUI lawyer. I wish I could say that it was all a mistake, but it was not. I made a foolish mistake, thinking that I could drive after watching a football game at my buddy’s house. The only problem was that we had each had about half a dozen beers, and I was feeling very good. I did not feel drunk, but I knew that I was probably not far from it.

I only had to drive about two miles to get home, so I decided to risk it. I made it about halfway there when I was pulled over by the police. I had to do a field sobriety test, which I failed. Continue reading Drinking and Driving Was Wrong

Discovering a New Website for Downloading Music

I’m always looking to experience new things. I really love music, and I easily have thousands of songs in my home library. I decided that I wanted to expand my library by adding new types of music that I’m not too familiar with. My friend told me about the Tubidy download website, and highly recommended that I go there. I wasn’t really sure what the website could do that was different from other search engines I’m familiar with, but I was willing to give it a try.

As soon as I went to the website, I could see the immediate difference. The site was dedicated to the types of files that I was interested in downloading. A lot of times I end up on websites where they will let you listen to a song, or view a video, but they won’t allow you to download anything. That’s not the case here, and in fact, it’s really easy to download music. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading Discovering a New Website for Downloading Music

I Figured out a Way to Get More Information

I remember both of my parents going to see a pychic when I was very young. It fascinated me. The lady they went to even let them record the session, and I got to hear it for myself. So, when I found myself going through a really frustrating and tough time recently, I decided to find out of there is such a thing as phone clairvoyant readings after hearing about them when I was listening to two women talk about it in a restaurant. I did not mean to purposely eavesdrop on their conversation, and I made sure not to be obnoxious about it. But when I heard them talking about it, I really wanted to learn more for my own sake.

My parents died in a really strange way. Continue reading I Figured out a Way to Get More Information

Went out on a Blind Date

It was not really my idea. My friend has been chasing this girl for months and she has been playing really hard to get. I can not say that I blame her to be honest. At last she agreed, but only if it was a double date with her friend. He had to find a date for her, so I figured she would not be a prize. However she was quite cute, although her personality was a bit off putting. She told me that she worked at a place that does eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and that confused me a great deal. I guess that it can mean a few different things, different cosmetic procedures that are supposed to enhance the look of the eyebrow. Continue reading Went out on a Blind Date

Best Fiber Underlayment for Flooring

My brother in law worked in home construction for maybe 20 years, before he decided that he was getting too old for it and found a different career. But he still has a lot of the skills, and so I am going to use his expertise to help me do some DIY projects at my house without having to hire any contractors for the work. I should stand to save a lot this way and I am going to try to purchase some fiber underlayment to use to put under some new flooring we are going to put in the house.

I was at a hardware store and they did not have the type of underlayment that my brother in law recommended we use, and so I decided I would probably have better luck trying to order it off of the internet. At least, that way I know I can find a place that has it, and hopefully I will also be able to find it for a good price. Continue reading Best Fiber Underlayment for Flooring

Pro Moving Companies in Singapore

I just found a better apartment to live in, and I would like to move there pretty soon, but I have the problem of having to move all of my stuff there, and so that is something I have to sort out. I either have to find some friends to help me, or hire someone to do it for me. I think that the latter option might be better and so I want to look up prices for house movers in Singapore to see how much they tend to charge for moving jobs.

I am sure of one thing, and that is that I am not going to be moving all of my stuff out of my apartment, and into my new apartment all by myself. Continue reading Pro Moving Companies in Singapore

Helping Your Children Learn to Make a Career in Music

We have two children. Both of them are highly interested in music. They listen to contemporary music, but they also have a strong interest in world music. They have been learning music history on their own, and they have been keeping up with their musical instrument lessons that we have been paying for. When they both approached us about attending a music school in Singapore, we really had no hesitation in signing them up. We knew that the careers of both of them would have something to do with music. We just did not know exactly what those careers would be.

Our son is a powerful lyric and music writer. He wrote songs from an early age that sounded just as good as hit songs on the radio. Continue reading Helping Your Children Learn to Make a Career in Music

How to Become New Zealand Permanent Resident

I am trying to move to New Zealand, and I am trying to learn more about how to do so on a permanent basis. I really love the country and it is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited in my life. I have always wanted to live there, ever since I went with my parents as a young child, and I think that trip really made an impression on me. I am trying to learn how to obtain New Zealand PR status, so that I can stay there for the rest of my life. That would really make me happy, and it would be a lot better than living in my current country.

I am really not very happy with recent events with regards to how the government is ran in my country. Continue reading How to Become New Zealand Permanent Resident

Great Antenna Range for a Great Price

As a beginner aviator, I tried making my own ADS-B antenna, but the results weren’t exactly what I would call stellar. The antenna only had a short range and it was more trouble than it was worth to build the whole thing. The only advantage that came from it was that it wasn’t as expensive as some of the models that are pre built. I went back to the drawing board and looked for a better solution that would give me the range I needed for an affordable price. I did some searching and found an antenna online for a pretty reasonable price.

Installation of the new antenna was simple, even more so than building one from scratch. Continue reading Great Antenna Range for a Great Price

A Small Creek Caused Major Flooding

The building that my company is in is right in front of a creek. I never gave that creek much consideration since it was in the back of the building and I never had to see it unless I was out back, which was not very often. It wasn’t even a huge creek, and I could have stepped over it with a huge leap probably. Anyway, during a really bad storm, this creek ended up flooding the building. When I saw the mess from it the following morning, I did a search for water damage in Charlotte. Continue reading A Small Creek Caused Major Flooding

There is This Strange Guy at Work

So I have been working with this guy and I have sort of gotten to know him, but like everyone else I know that he is a jerk. I caught him at this thing, which he is using to mess with the less intelligent members of the staff. He has apparently found some sort of online fake paystub generator and used it to duplicate the paystubs that we have, albeit not that well. I saw it and I could rather easily tell that it was not legit. It did not fool half of the people that he tried it on. For some reason he was trying to convince us all that he was making a lot more money than the rest of it. Continue reading There is This Strange Guy at Work

This Video Shows Their Story

My daughter is part of a group that helps at risk children. She is a social worker, but the group is comprised of doctors, nurses, teachers, clergy, volunteers and others. They all contribute what they can, whether it is time, talent or money, all to make life better for children who need help. They have a website, and recently they decided to hire a video production company in Singapore to create a moving video that would explain to people not involved exactly what they are doing. They looked over quite a few different companies, but Big 3 Media is the one that stood out to them.

They were able to see other videos that this company has created, and their work really spoke volumes about the talent and creativity that the staff possesses. This was really needed because while there was a lot of talent in my daughter’s group, she told me that none of them had what was needed to create a compelling video. Continue reading This Video Shows Their Story