I Am Back in Nevada for Now

I got back here a few days ago and I suppose I shall stay until all of my business is done with Richard and Gordon. It does not seem like Gordon is really too interested in making the deal as compared to enjoying the finer things in life. When I saw him he had a really adorable brown haired girl with him. She was probably 25, Gordon is probably 65 and he might have thirty million dollars, so I did not need her to tell me she worked for a Las Vegas escort service. Gordon told me that they had cut out the middle man though, there really is not much point in paying them after you know the girl’s phone number I suppose. At any rate I am trying to make this deal and Gordon just laughs at me. Continue reading I Am Back in Nevada for Now

I Got a Little Marketing Idea

I have an idea to promote the company and it is going to require a little work, but I think that it should work really well over the long term. Of course the products that we sell require installation and you have to do things to maintain some of them. It is not really that simple, but once you know how to do it there is not that much to it. I was thinking about finding inexpensive services for video production in Singapore and making a series of helpful how to video. It is not as though you need a real platform to distribute them in this age, you have youtube and a number of similar vehicles which you can use to get them out to the public. Continue reading I Got a Little Marketing Idea

An Anniversary Party for Our Parents

My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage last month. My brothers and I wanted to do something really special for them because that is just something not very common anymore. We decided to throw them a surprise anniversary celebration and invited all of their friends as well as all of our family. That meant we had nearly 100 people who were invited, but the number actually grew to 120 by the time we were done. I was tasked with finding some quality party entertainment while my older brother handled the decorations with his wife and my younger brother and his wife took care of the food.

I was excited to handle the entertainment because I knew exactly where I was going to turn for help. There is a company that provides all kinds of entertainment options ranging from singers and dancers to magicians, comedians, and artists, with so many different options in between! I knew that we definitely wanted to have a band there because our parents love to listen to music and they still dance at least once a week. I was happy to be able to get a band that plays mainly songs from their era, and I knew that they were going to be excited to hear all the different songs.

I also wanted something fun for the people who did not like to dance. There would be games and lots of food, but I wanted something interactive. I decided to go with a couple of magicians who went from table to table and performed neat tricks for everyone. The kids really got excited over this, but quite a few of the tricks left us adults wondering how they were done too. The party was a huge success, and everyone had the best time. We are looking forward to the next anniversary party now!

Earn a Good Living Now

There are a lot of people who say that their kid is not college material and I can see why they say that. I work in a school and it is plain to see that there are kids who are not made for college and that is an okay thing to say. I know that there are kids who are so book smart but they could not do a trade. I told one of my kids that he should look into auto body estimator training because he is really good with numbers and he can just look at something and tell you if it is not even. I thought that it was a good thing for him to know that he would think about it. I do know that there are a lot of kids who are good with numbers but not good enough to become an engineer and that is something that they can work with.

To say that kids with learning disabilities cannot work is something that I have to get people who are not within the school to understand. In fact, I work with a lot of kids that have a lot of learning disabilities and they all do really well when they are given jobs out in the community. Most of my kids at school actually all have some sort of learning disability on the books so that we can accommodate work for them but they do not realize that the real world does not work that way. In order to help them understand that it does not work that way, I have them go out in the world and work at a job where they have to be professional and work with people so they can see what will be expected of them when they are older.

Speaking Up for the Second Amendment

I’m not highly political, but I do have opinions. I have learned that for many politically charged concepts there are valid points from the often two polar extremes of opinion. Not always, but sometimes. Take gun control for example. I don’t want anyone who is unstable or unable to understand what gun ownership means to be in possession of them. I’m okay with law-abiding citizens who are not felons or crazy owning guns. I’m okay with those who stand up and do things, such as wear Second Amendment shirts that speak of foundational Constitutional rights. Being an activist for something does not mean you are crazy or unstable. It just means you are taking on the responsibility of speaking up to keep a right or speaking out to right a wrong with a louder voice than your average person. Continue reading Speaking Up for the Second Amendment

Tackling a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

While there are many problems you can encounter as a homeowner, few in recent years are more serious than when your home has bed bugs. With the recent infestation in the area, it has been necessary to be vigilant where bed bugs are concerned. As soon as you see one in your home, it is imperative that you contact a bed bug removal services company immediately. Although some handy homeowners who are accustomed to fixing things around the house, may think about tackling this on their own, it is important that you don’t take that step in this case. Because this is a major problem in the region, not doing the removal process correctly can result in future problems with bed bugs. It is best to tackle it immediately the right way and not have additional issues crop up in the future.

Although it can be a pain to realize you have bed bugs, the important thing to remember is that it is not necessarily something bad you did in your home. They are appearing all over the place, not just in certain types of buildings, homes or specific neighborhood. Don’t dwell on how this happened to you. After you contact the bed bug removal services company, begin the cleaning process in preparation for the bug removal that will be done to your home. Almost every surface of your home will need to be cleaned. Every piece of clothes will need to be washed along with bed and bath linens. It is a tough process and a time consuming one, but it can be over within a few days if you take steps to act fast. Start with finding a reputable bed bug removal company that can schedule your appointment as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. Ask about additional steps you can take to get your home ready between now and the appointment time to put yourself ahead of the curve when it comes to cleaning your house.

Using a Hack to Restore Instagram Account Access

My friend has been locked out of his Instagram account for the last few days. He’s been trying to get back in, but he hasn’t been successful. I told him that we should go online and try to find some way to hack Instagram password information. He was ready to give up, but I told him to give me an hour to try it out. I went online and found this software that lets you hack into any Instagram account. My friend was skeptical, but I had a good feeling about this. The website had full instructions on how it worked, and they guaranteed that my attempt would be successful.

All I needed to get started with my friend’s username. He provided it to me, and I went to work. Continue reading Using a Hack to Restore Instagram Account Access

A New Face for Jenny

My friend Jenny just experienced one of the best days of her life. She got married to the love of her life last week. She was all smiles at the wedding ceremony. Her husband Hank could believe how beautiful she was when he removed her veil. We all enjoyed ourselves at the celebration of their union. Things were not always this perfect. Jenny was obsessed with having the perfect wedding. She wanted everything to be on point. One thing she wanted to control were the small wrinkles on her face. She needed botox in Rocklin CA. Jenny was old, but she was no longer in her twenties. She realized that her perfect looks were fading with her getting close to her forties.

Jenny’s obsession with perfection started at an very early age. She competed in many beauty pageants as a child. She always worked hard to be the best at anything she did in life. Continue reading A New Face for Jenny

Before There Were Cold Toes

My husband and I had saved our entire adult lives to be able to build the house that we wanted to live in for as long as we could, even though we were fifty years old. We realized that we were going to always have ties to the area so we decided to build where we had raised our family in California. We had chosen all tile and hardwood in our entire house and it was a good idea until we had cold toes. I had to go to find rugs in West LA where I would be able to look at the rugs and also see what they feel like on the soles of my feet and if there were any weird textures that might not feel so good under my toes because I usually walk around with just my bare feet and that makes me really happy with everything.

My husband and I are both from Asian parents and it is really customary in our cultures to just take off your shoes before you walk into another person’s house as it is a sign of respect and I really understand why people have it like that. I wanted to be sure that I could go and spend some time with my husband on these rugs as we would be the ones who were walking on them the majority of the time and my husband is starting to not wear socks on his feet anymore because he said that he likes the feeling of having his toes and bare feet exposed, I thought that was a great thing for him to say since he was usually not caring what I was going to get on the floor but now he actually had an opinion on what we were going to have and that made me so happy.

Mobile Services in the Area

I belonged to a few different types of groups online with my social media account because I knew that I had to go and find some mobile services since they were the new idea of the area. I had a few people that were willing to come to my house to groom my animals, clean my house, and now clean my car. I had never heard of such a thing before I read about it online. I heard that there was mobile auto detailing in Wilmington that would come to your house and clean your car while you were inside doing housework or even just because you were too lazy to wash it and you wanted to watch a movie instead. My friends told me that I was really risking it to have someone come to my house to wash my car in my driveway. Continue reading Mobile Services in the Area

A Good Dental Team for Our Family

I have heard so many of my family members and friends talk about their fear of dentists. I never had that myself, but that is probably because of their stories. I am one of the youngest in my family, so I got to hear a lot of stories about tooth decay, cavities, and even false teeth from my grandparents. That was enough talk to scare me into taking good care of my teeth. That means I vist my dentist twice a year for a cleaning, which meant I had to find a Roseville dentist quickly because I was due for a cleaning.

I had moved to Roseville just a few months ago with my husband, and we had just been too busy to look for a dentist. Continue reading A Good Dental Team for Our Family

Life is Nicer with Each Pound I Drop

I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment at a Rocklin weight loss clinic. I was so ashamed to go in there because it was basically admitting that I am a failure and could not do this on my own. I was willing to do that though because I was so tired of living the life I was. I wanted to change, but I just did not have the power to do that on my own. I had read good things about this weight loss clinic, so I decided to just do it.

If I did not like it, I always had the option of not going back. Just walking in that first time was the hardest part, but it did not take long before I changed my opinion of it. Continue reading Life is Nicer with Each Pound I Drop

My Son Wants a Gaming Keyboard

I love my kids more than anything, but they are living in such a different world than I am when it comes to some things. When I was their age, I was so excited to go outside with my friends and have fun. For them, their fun comes in the form of online gaming. I do let them have fun with it, but I also insist that they play outdoors a good bit too so it is a good compromise. My son sent me a link for the best mechanical gaming keyboards when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year. Continue reading My Son Wants a Gaming Keyboard

My Wife Needed Her Phone Fixed

My wife and I desperately needed new phones. We are not the types to go out and buy the newest model every year or so. We use what we have until it is just no longer functional. We went from having android phones to iPhones because the deals were just better for purchasing two new phones. We did not buy the best warranty though because we didn’t feel we needed it. I was seriously regretting that when my wife’s phone screen cracked. I was practically giddy though when I found a store that does iPhone screen repair in Richmond because the quote I was given from the iPhone store was ridiculous. Continue reading My Wife Needed Her Phone Fixed

Own What You Want, Now

I have been saving my money for many years and I have been working really hard for all the pennies that I earn. I have been living in a one room studio that is so tiny, I have to push the couch up in order to get around to the other side of it. I have not complained but I have worked so hard that I am going to find a place that I like in Treasure at Tampines and I am never going to look back again. Continue reading Own What You Want, Now

I Can Show My Nails

For years I’ve been ashamed to show my feet. I would always wear closed toed shoes and socks, while avoiding sandals or going barefoot. When I would invite other people to my home and they would stay for the night, I would still have my socks on. I was even too ashamed to have my feet looked at by a doctor. I didn’t know that there was an effective natural nail fungus treatment, as I had only heard about the prescription stuff that comes from the doctor. I did some research and learned about one natural treatment that had been getting used a lot.

I decided that it was finally time for me to put an end to my foot nightmare. I was tired of hiding my feet from the world and being stuck with only one kind of shoe. Continue reading I Can Show My Nails

Motion Graphic Commercial Leading to Budding Career

Right after college, I had many options for a new career. I could have went into design or become a doctor. I opted to go into a field that I had interest in: computer graphics. While in college, I learned so many things about graphics but my favorite medium to work with was motion graphics. There isn’t many places to learn motion graphic in Singapore, but the art school that I attended had an excellent program for the course which not only taught you a lot, it also gave you the skills you needed to find a job in the real world.

Many motion graphic jobs are hard to come by. I know I had a hard time getting a job compared to someone who went to college and went for a business degree or anything like that. However, the school that I attended in Singapore put you in contact with companies that wanted to hire freelance motion graphic artists for commercials and internet videos. Not many of those lead to long term jobs directly, but they helped sell yourself to other companies looking for artists.

The first job I have ever gotten from the college was working with a car dealership on a viral internet ad a year after I graduated. I thought nothing of the job other than it was something that paid and might lead to another opportunity. I had went in with my best graphics to show them and they said they wanted something more comical. Continue reading Motion Graphic Commercial Leading to Budding Career

We Needed to Find Group Transportation

When my boss asked me to help with some of the details on a company outing, I was happy to do so. We had just started looking into some team building options, and we were all excited that some of them were not on the company premises. We felt like school children going out on a field trip! One of the things I had to do was get some information on a transport company in Singapore so we could know which one is the best to use for what we needed at the time. Continue reading We Needed to Find Group Transportation

The Club Will Open Next Month

The boss is really sweating things lately, because he understands that he is taking a big risk with this place. It is a real fact that when you open up a club or a restaurant there is a high rate of failure. We are thinking long and hard about how to market the place and we know that the old ways of advertising probably are less effective to our demographic. The question this morning was how much good would we get from it if we buy instagram followers. I never really thought about it, but obviously we are going to have to try to market on social media at some point and you do need to have followers it seems. Continue reading The Club Will Open Next Month

Laundry Can Be Very Expensive

I decided that I was going to try to find a place where I could bring my laundry and have them do it because I was not finding the time in between taking care of my family and the house. I saw that https://www.kleepers.com and other businesses would be able to help me with my cleaning and laundry. I never thought that I would be one of those people to go and pay another person to either clean my house or do my laundry for me. I have friends that post about their cleaning ladies and how they have people come to their house once a week to clean. I did not understand how people did not have the time to clean their own space or even do their own laundry. Continue reading Laundry Can Be Very Expensive

Children Have to Learn at a Phenomenal Rate Nowadays

When we are out of school and into the workforce we can sometimes not notice what our own children are going through as they get an education. I only have my school experiences as a foundation of being able to associate with what our grandchildren are going through. Well, we did not have computers in my school. I am well-versed now in computers, but did not grow up with them. Our grandson has been using a tablet in class since before he could read well. Helping him to advance is why we pay for JC physics tuition for him. The reason is because kids are now learning things at an exponential rate compared to when my wife and I were in school.

I cannot even fathom how today’s kids hold up under the workload of what they are learning in school. Continue reading Children Have to Learn at a Phenomenal Rate Nowadays

They Designed a Gorgeous Patio for Me

I liked everything about my new house when I bought it with the exception of one thing. I have a gorgeous backyard, but there was just a very small porch with a couple of steps leading into the yard. There was not even enough room to put a chair on it, and that was disappointing. Everything else was great though, which is why I bought it, because I knew that I would be able to hire a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to create something a lot more beautiful and useful for me.

I plan on entertaining a lot because this was the first time in years I would be able to do it. I used to live in a tiny apartment, so having a back yard like this meant that I could actually have more than a handful of people over at any given time. I did some research on different concrete contractors, and then I got some quotes from several of them. Continue reading They Designed a Gorgeous Patio for Me